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An Elevator Pitch is a brief overview of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and accomplishments.  The name comes from the time it takes to complete a typical skyscraper elevator ride.  An elevator pitch is an opportunity to network with other people by introducing yourself.  It often includes who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and your goal.  For this project you will create a video that will introduce who you are with content similar to an elevator pitch you might give to someone you have just met.

While you complete your elevator pitch video you will learn basic Scriptwriting; Audio Recording & Editing; Image Processing; Video Editing & Animation; and Distribution.  To start this project, create a folder named Elevator within your class folder.

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Script First Draft

Like most videos, this one starts with a script. Open Google Docs and Start a new document by clicking on the Blank + option.

Use the File menu Move option to move your new document to your Elevator project folder.

Change the name to Elevator Script First-Draft NAME with your last name, first name substituting for NAME. For example: Elevator Script First-Draft Shoes, Jim

In the document type answers to these questions:

  • What skills do you have?
  • What have been your most important accomplishments?
  • What do you enjoy doing the most?
  • What do you plan to be doing in 10 years?

The more details you include the easier writing your script will be.

Refer to your answers above as you write the first draft of your script.  Use the following template and fill in the appropriate information;

My name is (Your first and last names as you preferred to be called) and I am part of the Class of (The year you will graduate) at James Logan High School.
My best subject is (Name your favorite class and explain why it is your choice.)
When I’m not in class I (Describe how you spend your free time: after school activities, hobbies, etc.)
I am most proud of (describe something you have accomplished or describe on of your skills. Include details.)
After high school I plan to (Describe your plans right after graduation: if college, your major; if work, the job. Explain why.)
In the future I hope to (Describe your career choice or something major you plan to accomplish in ten years. Give details and explain why this is your goal.)

When you have finished your first draft script, read it out loud to yourself and time it. If it takes less than 30 seconds to read it out loud, think about what you can add.  If it takes more than 60 seconds to read it out loud, eliminate some details.  Rewrite your script if necessary until you are satisfied that it does a great job of representing who you are.

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Script Final Draft

When your script has been corrected to take from 30 to 60 seconds to read out loud at a conversational pace, open the A/V Script Google Docs Template. Click the File menu and choose the Make a copy option.

Navigate to your class Google Drive Elevator project folder then press the Select button.

Click the OK button to confirm the move.

Rename the template copy Elevator Script Final-Draft NAME with your last name, first name substituting for NAME. For example: Elevator Script Final-Draft Shoes, Jim

In the header, replace “Title” with “Elevator Pitch Video” then
modify the rest of the items: Draft #1 — Page #1 — today’s date (i.e. 8/20/2020) Writer: (Your First and Last names)

In the audio column replace [NAME] with your first and last names.

The A/V script format, also known as the 2-column format, is used for many live productions and scripted productions such as news stories, documentaries and local commercials.  It uses the left column for descriptions of video and the right column for the audio.  The video descriptions line up on the page with the appropriate audio.

This template uses a table format. The narrow column on the far left may be used to number individual sections.

Return to your First Draft Script. Click and drag to select the first sentence.  Use your keyboard [control+c] keys to copy the text.

Switch to your Final Draft template.  Click in the AUDIO column after your name in brackets.  Press your keyboard [control+v] keys to paste the text.

Repeat the process by making a copy of each sentence from your script and pasting it into a new box in the AUDIO column of the Final Draft template.

When all of it has been pasted, review the text to make sure there are not spelling, punctuation or grammar errors.

If you have unused rows at the bottom of your script, click in the first row then drag to select the last row.

Use two fingers to click on your Chromebook touchpad, and select the Delete rows option from the context menu.  In this example, two rows are being deleted.

Review your audio and think about what images would best represent what you are talking about.

In the VIDEO column add a few words to describe each image.  Make sure the image is in line with the appropriate audio.
For example, the first image should be your name, since it should be your headshot.
The next image should represent the school.
You will also need images to represent your favorite class, what you are proud of, your plans after high school, and how you see yourself in ten years.

When your script is complete let the teacher know so it may be reviewed.

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