Google Drive is where you should keep all digital assets for the school projects you work on. Here are some guidelines for keeping it organized:

Folders Only in the Home Directory

An easy way to organize your school Google Drive is to open it using the Chrome web browser at  (Make sure you are logged in with your school email account.)

When you enter Google Drive as above you are in the Home Directory.  Contents here should be organized into folders (also known as directories).

Files are indicated by icons representing their type.

In your Google Drive Home Directory you should not see any individual files, only folders.  Any individual files you see should be moved into an appropriate folder.

If you do not have time to organize these loose files, create a temporary folder.  Click on the New button, then select the Folder option.

Name the New folder Organize These then click the Create button.

Scroll down past the last folder in your Home Directory, and click once on the first file to select it.

Hold the Shift on your keyboard then scroll down to the last file and click on it.  This should select all of your Home Directory files that are not in a folder.

Press the touchpad on your keyboard with two fingers, then single-finger click the Move to option.

Select your Organize These folder and click the Move button.

Class Folders

You should have a folder for each of your current classes.

For past classes, create a folder for the school year (based upon when it ended), then move your old class folders into the appropriate year. For example, Control-Click on each class folder from the 2017-2018 school year.

Once they are all selected, drag them into the appropriate school year folder.

After the 2020-2021 school year is complete, move your class folders into a 2021 folder.

A Folder for this Class

If you do not already have one, create a folder for this class.
In this example it is EMP 1.

Within your class folder, create a folder called Other. This is where you should keep files for general class participation, such as required forms.

For other class assignments, create a folder for the project.  In this example the project is the Elevator Pitch Video and the folder is named Elevator.

All files related to a project should be in its folder.  Some of them may be organized in subfolders.

Share Your Class Folder with the Teacher

To give your teacher access to your work, click on your class folder, then use two fingers to click on the touchpad. Choose the Share option.

Start typing the teacher’s email address and you should be able to select it.

Change the sharing privileges to Viewer so the teacher will not be able to make any changes to your folders and files.

Uncheck Notify people then click the Share button.

If you ever need to provide the share link, click on the folder, then use two fingers to press the touchpad on your keyboard. Choose Share, then Copy link.

In the message where you are sending the link, click then press the [ctrl+v] keys to paste it.