To help you master multimedia, this site lets you learn by completing projects.

The Menu

  • Viewing pages on a small screen (such as a phone):  click on the menu button on the top right to navigate.  For larger screens use the menu on the upper-left-hand side of each page.
  • Use the Search form to find something by entering key words.

Page links

  • The Projects page is where you should start when you want to learn by applying knowledge to the completion of a useful task.
  • Use the Techniques page when you need to learn something specific.
  • The Tools page links you to knowledge of multimedia hardware and software.
  • The Terms section is a glossary that helps you learn and understand multimedia definitions.

Best Way to View and Use the Site

  • This site works best through a current web browser.  Google Chrome is recommended, but any updated browser should work.
  • A computer desktop or tablet is best since they give you a larger screen, but the site is also usable on phones.

Need More Help?

If you are still having trouble using this site, please ask one of your fellow students, or contact the instructor (in person or through email) with a specific question.