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Production – Narration | Recording | Editing |
Production – Images | Gathering | Preparing | Headshot |
Post-Production | Video Editing |
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WeVideo Exporting

When are done editing your video, press the [ctrl+S] keys to save your work. On the timeline click on the part of your headshot that is the widest view, then click on the FINISH button.

In the export window make sure the following are set:
Your headshot should be selected as the thumbnail.
For the file name use Elevator Pitch Video NAME (substitute your first and last names for NAME)
Check Video under Export.
Choose HD for the Resolution.
Select the Download icon for the Destination.

When all of the settings are correct click the EXPORT button.

Once the export process has started a notice will appear stating you will be sent an email when your video is ready.

Check your email five minutes later and you should see a message similar to this one.

Open the message and click on the video.

When the video screen opens, click the Download icon.

Select the HD resolution then click the DOWNLOAD button.

Navigate to your Elevator project folder within your Google Drive class  folder.  Make sure the file name is correct and ends with the .mp4 extension.  If the file name is correct, click the SAVE button.

Go to your Chromebook Files folder and navigate to your Elevator project folder.  Double-click your downloaded .mp4 file to play it.

Click here to view an example of what a completed video looks like.  It has motion added to all of the still images, the same transition used between images, a fade-in at the start and a fade out at the end.

If your video does not play correctly from start to finish, return to the editing and exporting tutorial steps and correct the errors.

If your video plays correctly from start to finish, send an email message to the teacher with the following:
Subject: Elevator Pitch Video
Message: Class Period; Your last name, first name; shared video link.

After Approval

Once your video has been approved by the teacher:
Use Canvas to submit a link to video in your project folder, then place a copy of the file in your class Google Drive Drop Box.
If you wish to share your video beyond your class, upload load it to your personal YouTube channel or other online video hosting service.

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