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Record the Narration

Once your script has been approved by the teacher you need to record your narration.

Prepare to Narrate

When you read your script out loud make sure you are sitting upright and smile.  Although no one will see your face, smiling will add more energy and warmth to your voice.  Whichever method below you use to record your voice, remember that if you make a mistake while reading, you do not have to return to the beginning of your script.  Just back up to the start of the sentence where you made an error, then continue reading.  Once every portion has been read correctly you may stop the recording.  Any mistakes that were recorded will be easily removed during the audio editing process.

Record the Script

If you have a phone, use it and a voice recording app.  It will most likely give you better sound.

  1. If you have an iPhone, use your Voice Memos app.
  2. If your Android phone did not come with an audio recording app, consider installing Smart Recorder.  It will show a lot of ads while using it, but it works well.

You may also record your voice on your Chromebook.  Keep in mind that, when you listen to Chromebook audio on its speakers, your recording may not sound as good as it does when you are using earbuds or a headphone.

This video tutorial shows how to use opened in your Chromebook web browser.

Whichever method you use to record your narration, remember to save the file and move it into your project folder.

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Edit the Narration

Once you have your narration recorded and placed in your Google Drive project folder, watch this tutorial video to learn how to use to edit audio on your Chromebook.

When you are done editing make sure your edited sound file is saved in your Google Drive project folder.

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