These steps explain how to use your Chromebook to complete and submit a Community Service Form so you will receive credit for your Multimedia Workshop contributions:

1. Fill in a Copy of Community Service Form.
A. Download a copy of the form and save it in your Downloads folder.

B. Use your Chromebook’s Files folder to find your copy and rename it:
2020-Spring-Community-Service-NAME.pdf and replace NAME with your first and last names separated by a hyphen.  For example:

C. Click on the file to open it.  Click in each box to enter the following information:
i. Student Name
ii. ID #
iii. Class of
iv. House
v. Counselor

D. Open a new window (ctrl+n) and find your earned hours in the 2020 Spring Jobs list.

Use the information to complete your form:
vi. Start Date (The date of the first event you worked this semester.)
vii. Hours Serviced (Subtract the Fall Semester Carry Over hours from the Hours Total and enter that amount)
viii. Completion Date (The date of the last event you worked this semester.)

2. Sign the Form

A. Prepare the signatures
i. Use a plain white piece of paper and sign your signature using a blue pen.
ii. Take a photo of your signature that is in focus and lit evenly.
iii. Email the best quality of the photo to your school email account.
iv. Download the photo into your Chromebook’s download folder.

v. Visit and open the Advanced Pixlr E.

vi. Click on Open Image and use it to open the photo of your signature.

vii. If asked to resize the image, choose Full HD the click the Apply button.

viii. If the image needs to be rotated, use the Image Menu Image Rotation option.

ix. Use the Marquee tool and draw a rectangle that only includes your signature, then use the Image Menu Crop tool to reduce the size of the image.

x. Use the Wand Select tool to click on the white background, then click ctrl+x to delete that part of the background.  Repeat this step until almost all of the background has been removed.

xi. Click on the File menu Save command and choose PNG for the file type.

For the file name type signature-NAME (Replace NAME with your name) then click Download button.

Navigate to your period 6 folder then click the Save button.

xii. Repeat the process for your parent’s/guardian’s signature and the date of your first event.

B. Add Signatures to your Community Service Form
i. Open If you are prompted to Open Files Directly from Google Drive close the window by clicking the small x in the upper right corner.

ii. Click on CHOOSE FILE then navigate to the folder with your filled-in PDF form and open the file.


Click the ADD IMAGE button, file your signature .PNG file, then click open.

Use your cursor to reposition and move it so it appears on the Student’s Signature line.

Repeat the process for your parent/guardian signature and date files, then click the FINISH button.

After the file has been processed click the DOWNLOAD button.

Change the end of the file name from edited to signed, making sure to keep the .pdf extension.  When it is correct, click the SAVE button.

You will get a confirmation message when the download is complete.  Send the completed file as an attachment to the teacher in an email message with the subject Community Service 2020 Spring.