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Here is a way to create a 15-second long text-based motion graphics public service announcement (PSA) using a Chromebook and an Internet connection.


The short messages (from 10 seconds to 2 minutes long) shown between and within television programs are known as spots (short for spot announcements.)  While most people think of these announcements as commercials, not all of them are:

 Examples Types of Announcements
Commercials (Ads) 
A paid-for announcement that usually advertises a product or service, but it can also promote a cause or influence public action (campaign ads.)
Promotional Announcements (Promos)
Encourages viewing of something being shown on the same or related channel or network.
Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Usually shown for free on behalf of a non-profit organization.

Motion Graphics are animated designs that often use  text as the major component. Here are some examples:

Getting Started

Step 1 – Create the Project Folder

Navigate to your class Google Drive folder and create a new folder titled PSA.

For every element you create for this project, make sure it is saved in your PSA folder.  If you need to, use the Move To command in Google Drive to make sure your project stays organized.

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Step 2 – Submit a Proposal

Before you start your project you need a client.

Think about three potential sponsors. Each one should be a local non-profit organization that has a message about an event, activity or something else they would like to share.

Next, type an email message with the subject PSA Proposal and include the following information:

A. Your first and last names
B. The following information for each of three potential sponsors for whom you would like to create a PSA:
– The name of the organization.
– The organization’s website.
– The reason why you should be chosen to create a PSA for the organization.
Number your potential sponsors and list them your order of preference:
( #1 = 1st choice, #2 = 2nd choice, #3 = 3rd choice)
C. Review your email message to make sure it has no errors, then send it to the teacher.

Here is an example:

If you are the first student to choose the first qualified organization in your proposal, you will receive a reply letting you know that they will be your client.  If not, the teacher will move down your list and assign you the next available client.  If none of your proposed clients are available, you will be told to submit three more that have not already been assigned to other students. Check your class website for assigned clients.
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Step 3 – Client Background

To produce an effective PSA you need to understand your client and the message they wish to share.

Create a new Google Doc in your PSA project folder and save it with the name PSA-CLIENT-Background-NAME (Substitute a one or two word client name for CLIENT and your first and last name for NAME.)
Make sure you use hyphens instead of spaces.  For example:

In the document type:

1. Your first and last names.
2. The name of the sponsor.
3. Sponsor details: What does the sponsor do? Why does it exist?
4. The message the sponsor wants to deliver: Is it a one-time or on-going event?
5. A description of the audience the sponsor wants to reach. Include
demographics (age, income, gender, education, etc) and
psychographics (attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions)
6. Why you believe your PSA will deliver the sponsor’s message to the desired audience.
7. Where do you think the PSA should be available so it will reach the audience desired by the sponsor, and why should it be there?

When you are done writing your background paper, review it and make sure you have included all required information, and all your spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct.  One you are sure it is ready,  send an email message to the teacher with the subject PSA Client Background. In the body of the email include your first and last name, and a shared link to your Client Background Google Doc.

Here is an example of what a Client Background paper should include:

1. Joe Student

2. Sponsor name: The New Haven School District Adult School Drivers Ed Program

3. Sponsor details:
a. The purpose of the sponsor: Help students get their permit.
b. What it does: Offers Driver’s Ed classes.

4. The message the sponsor wants to deliver: Sign up for the next class.

5. Audience: New Haven Unified School District students.
a. Demographics: Students in the NHUSD.
b. Psychographics: Want the ability to drive legally.

6. Why PSA will deliver sponsor’s message: I am a JLHS student who has taken the class.

7. Where the PSA should be available: Show the PSA on Logan Live! and place it on the Adult Ed website.

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