Once you have completed editing a video using Adobe Premiere, you need to export it so the video may be shared with others.

Click in the Timeline for the sequence you are exporting.  Use the + and – keys until you can see your entire edit. The Work Area is indicated by a thick gray line on top of a thin yellow line that has blue marks at its start and end.  This should match the start and end of your edit.

If the Work Area does not match your edit, double-click on the gray line.  If it still does not match your edit, drag the ends of it until it does.

Once you have confirmed that your Work Area is set correctly, press the [Command+M] keys, or use the File menu and select the Export/Media option.

Look at the bottom left of the window and make sure Work Area is selected as the Source Range.

With the Export/Media window open, set the Format setting to h.264
For the Preset choose YouTube 1080p HD

Double-click the Output Name and make sure it will save in your Google Drive Chase Project folder. Set the name according to your assignment instructions.  In this example, the assigned file name format is Chase-Edit-NAME.mp4 so the video editor submits their name for NAME.

When the settings are correct, click the [Export] button.

It may take awhile to complete the export.

When the export is done, use your Finder to navigate to your project folder and double-click your exported file.

If the video does not open with the QuickTime player, select it in your Chase folder, then press the [Command+i] keys to open the Info window.

Under Open with select QuickTimePlayer.app

Click the [Change All] button, then click the [Continue] button.

Now when you double-click your .mp4 file is should open the QuickTime player.

When your file opens in the QuickTime player, play it back and make sure it is correct.  If it is not, return to Premiere and make any necessary corrections.

Once your movie has been exported correctly, place a copy in
your class Google Drive Drop Box.