This tutorial will show you how to set-up a project in Adobe Premiere to edit your own version of a class film.

Part 1 – Set-Up the Film Project Folder

If you have not set-up your Google Drive folder on your assigned iMac computer, follow the directions in the Google Backup and Sync tutorial.

When you start a new project, navigate to the Google Drive folder on your computer, then go to your class folder and create a folder for your video project. For this project, use Class Film as the name of the new project folder.


This is the folder where you should place all items used for the project, including sound, video and graphics files.



Within your Class Film folder create a new folder and name it Footage.


Use this folder to place copies of the clips for your class film.

Part 2 – Set Up Your Premiere Project

If this is the first time you are using Adobe Premiere, find it in your applications folder or use the Launchpad to open it.With Adobe Premiere open, click on “New Project.”

Set the “Location” to your Class Film project folder. (Use the Browse button to navigate.)  Set the “Name:” to the title of your class film. When the settings are correct, click the [OK] button.

Open the Window menu, float over “Workspace” and click the “Editing” option.

To make sure your project displays correctly for this tutorial, open the Window menu a second time, float over “Workspace” and click the “Reset to Saved Layout” option.

Part 3 – Import Your Video

One you have your Premiere project open, click in the Media section.  

Press the [Command+B] keys to create a new bin, type Footage for the name, then press [Enter/Return] to set-up the bin.

Double-click the Footage bin and it will open in the Source window.

Press the [Command+i] keys and navigate to your Google Drive project folder footage folder.

Use [Command+A] to select all of the files, then click the [Import] button.

It may take awhile to import all of the clips.

When more footage becomes available, return to your Premiere Project Footage folder, press the [Command+i] keys, navigate to your Google Drive project folder footage folder, select the new files, then import them.

Once your footage has been imported, look for the controls at the lower-left of the Source window.  Make sure the Icon View is selected, then click on the Sort Icons button.

Choose Name for the sort method.

Make sure Ascending Order has a check mark next to it.

Press the [Command+S] keys to save your Premiere project,
or open the File menu and click the Save option.

Save your project every few minutes to minimize losing changes if something happens to your computer.

Part 4 – Scene Editing

Use the Premiere Source window to find the master shot for your film’s first scene.  The name will most likely start with s1t1.  This will be the first take.  If there is more than one take, select the one with the highest number since it is most likely the best.  Check the slate to make sure it is the right clip.

With the clip selected, drag it onto the New Item icon at the bottom of the Premiere Media window.

You should now see a new sequence with the name of the clip.

Control-click on the new sequence name and choose the “Rename” option.

Since this is the first scene in your film, change the name to 01 and press the [Enter/Return] key.

For each scene you will create a new sequence using the master scene take.  For scenes less than 10, add a leading zero when you rename the sequence.  Scenes 10 and higher do not need a leading zero

Save your Premiere project.

Congratulations!  Your Premiere project is now ready to start editing your version of your class film.