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The editing of your team’s film will involve several stages.

1. You will make sure each team member gets a copy of all footage

2. Each team member will edit their own version of the “picture” edit.  (A picture edit concentrates on the video editing.) After each team member has completed their own edit, the team will choose the best version.

3. Each member of your team will get a copy of the chosen picture edit.  Each member will create their own version of the film’s soundtrack by adding music and sound effects.  After each team member has created their own soundtrack, the team will choose the best version.

4. Once the team has chosen the best soundtrack, the team will be split into two groups to complete the film and prepare it for distribution:

a. The first group will include the person who created the best soundtrack and the person who created the best picture edit.  They will add opening and closing titles, and prepare the distribution file.

b. The second group will be the rest of your team.  This group will create a poster and other promotional materials.

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Footage Sharing

1. Create a folder named All Footage within your Google Drive chase project folder. If you are your team’s producer,  share your All Footage folder with each member of your team so they have edit rights.

2. Each member of your team needs to place a copy of all footage they created into the Producer’s All Footage folder.
If you are the producer, remove any footage placed in your All Footage folder that is not named correctly.  If any footage is missing, request it from the team member assigned to the missing scenes.

3. Once all footage has been correctly placed in the Producer’s All Footage folder, all team members need to copy the footage and place the copies into their own All Footage folder.

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Picture Edit

Once you have your own copy of all of your team’s footage, follow the tutorial to create your own picture edit.  A picture edit for this film is not concerned with the soundtrack, only the picture.  Make sure you do not discuss any editing decisions with anyone on your team until you and they have completed their own picture edit.

When your picture edit is complete, follow the tutorial to export the video.

Once your picture edit video has been saved in your project folder, share it with your teammates and decide who did the best version of your team’s film picture edit.

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Follow these instructions to get music and sound effects to use in your film.  Once your team has chosen the best picture edit of your film, make sure you have a copy in the Soundtrack folder within your Google Drive project folder.  Follow this tutorial to start your own soundtrack for your team’s film by adding music.

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Sound FX and Highlights

After you have added music to your film, follow this tutorial to add sound effects, stingers and textures to complete the soundtrack of your film.  When you are done, share your soundtrack version with other members of your team who have completed their own soundtracks.

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