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Pre-Production | Set-Up | Plot | Synopsis | Storyboard |
Production | Preparation | Scene Staging | Recording | Footage Transfer |
Post-Production | Footage Sharing | Picture Edit | Music | Sound FX |
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For this project you will be part of a team that creates a short film featuring a chase.

This is a modified version of a similar project that involves planning and filming scenes on the James Logan High School campus.  (Past chase films are available to view at Since this is the first time a distance learning version of the project is being attempted, changes to the process may be made by the teacher at any time.

The Production Process


Purpose of the Project (Inform, Persuade, Entertain)
The Audience (Logan students and staff)
Format (Feature Film, TV Series/Episode, Short Film)
Type (Live Action, Animation)
Funding (budget)

Pre-Production (Planning)

The Script
Format, Synopsis, Treatment, Storyboard, Shooting Script

Producer, Director
Writer, Storyboard Artist
Actors, Videographer, Audio Recordist, Production Assistants
Editor, Composer, Graphic Artist, Animator

Production Schedule
How much time to prepare? Sets, props, costumes, rehearsals, etc.
How much time to shoot? Interiors, exteriors, etc.
How much time to edit?

What equipment is needed?
How much time will each person be involved?
What locations and sets?
How will the project be marketed?


Studio and Location Recording
Graphics/Animation creation
Narration/Music recording


Editing – Sound and Picture


Channels: Theatrical, Home Video (Disc, Digital), Broadcast (Over-the-Air, Cable, Satellite, Online)
Marketing: Poster; Trailer/Commercial; Social Media; Promotional Materials; Press Campaign

Your Team

You will be assigned to a production team.

During synchronous class time you will meet in a zoom breakout room to plan and discuss your team’s film.  You will use synchronous and asynchronous class time, in addition to after school time, if necessary, to complete your contribution to your team’s film.

Your Roles

All team members will help create the story, write the synopsis and produce the storyboard.

Each team member will play a character in two scenes and direct the filming of their own scenes.

Each team member will edit their own version of the team’s film.
Once the team has selected the best edit, each team member will add music and sound effects.
Once the team has selected the best soundtrack, some team members will finalize the film edit; some team members will create marketing materials.

All team members will make sure the distribution requirements are met.

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