Before you start your project you need a client.

Think about three potential sponsors. Each one should be a campus organization that has a message about an event, activity or something else they would like to share.

Next, type an email message with the subject “PSA Proposal” and include the following information:

A. Your Name and the names of anyone else working with you on your PSA project.  If you are not working alone, indicate which role each person on your team will take on while producing the PSA.

B. The following information for each of three potential sponsors for whom you would like to create a PSA:

  • The name of the campus organization
  • The reason why you should be chosen to create a PSA for the organization.

Number your potential sponsors and list them your order of preference (1st choice #1, second choice #2, etc.)

C. Review your email message, then send it to the teacher.

Talk to the teacher and “pitch” your first choice: Tell the teacher why you should be chosen to produce a PSA for your first choice.  If that choice is unavailable, pitch the rest of your choices until once is accepted.

When your sponsor is approved send an email to the teacher with the subject “PSA Sponsor” and include in the message body the name of your approved sponsor and the names of everyone on your team.