To produce an effective PSA you need to understand your client and the message they wish to share.

Create a new text document in your PSA project folder and save it with the name PSA-Background-NAME (substitute your name for NAME.)

On the paper type:

1. Your Name
2. The name of the sponsor.
3. Sponsor details: What does the sponsor do? Why does it exist?
4. The message the sponsor wants to deliver: Is it a one-time or on-going event?
5. A description of the audience the sponsor wants to reach. Include
demographics (age, income, gender, education, etc) and
psychographics (attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions)
6. Why you believe your PSA will deliver the sponsor’s message to the desired audience.
7. What TV show would reach the audience desired by the sponsor and why?

Save your document and get it approved by the teacher.

Here is an example:

1. Joe Student
2. Sponsor name: The James Logan High School College & Career Center
3.  Sponsor details:
a. The purpose of the sponsor: To help students prepare for their future.
b. What it does: Provides guest speakers, print materials, counseling.
4. The message the sponsor wants to deliver: Use the center’s services.
5. Audience:
a. Demographics: Students at JLHS
b. Psychographics: Planning life after graduation
5. Why PSA will deliver sponsor’s message: I am a JLHS student who uses the center’s services.
6. TV show that reaches desired audience: Logan Live!