The Entertainment segment is broadcast on Wednesday, but the script and graphics must be ready at the start of class.  Since things included in the Entertainment segment are usually scheduled far in advance, you should start looking for things to include the Thursday before.  On the day before the broadcast you need to complete your script and graphics.

When class starts the day of your appearance you need to send your script and your graphics to the control room, rehearse the show, then perform live.

If you have not yet done so, create an EMP folder in your school Google Drive Account, then synchronize the folder to your computer using Google Backup and Sync.

Once your EMP folder has synchronized, use your Finder to open the folder on your computer.  Create a MyLoganLive folder within your EMP folder.  Use this folder to store everything you create for the Entertainment segment.

Write the Script

The Entertainment segment should focus on music, TV, movies, games and live performances.  Include new release that come out the week of your broadcast.  New movies are released just before the weekend, music and games come out early in the week. TV shows and live performances may be any day.

Focus your segment on events happening this week: new movies and TV episodes; games and music releases; live performances If an event that will take place far in the future will have its first day of ticket sales this week, you may include it if tickets will most likely sell out at a fast rate.

Once you have decided to include an item in this week’s segment you should start writing your script. (Aim to include three items in each week’s segment, allowing no more than 15 seconds per item.)

Get the Template

If you have not yet done so download the template by clicking on this link:

It should open in a new browser tab.

Click on the DOWNLOAD ICON.

If you have set-up Chrome correctly, you will be be able to choose where to download the file.  (If you have not set-up your computer correctly the file will be saved in your Downloads folder and you will have to move it into your MyLoganLive folder.)

Navigate to your computer’s My Logan Live folder within your Google Drive EMP folder.  Make sure the Format is rich text (RTF) then press the [Save] button to download the file.

Make a Copy of the Template

Always use a copy of the template you downloaded to prepare your script. You will use the copy of this file to create your script for the daily show.

In your computer’s My Logan Live folder, double-click your copy of the template file to open it.

If the file does not open with TextEdit, close whatever program it opens, then select the file in your My Logan Live folder.

Press and hold the [Command+i] keys on your keyboard.

In the Info dialog box, look for Open with and select TextEdit from the menu.

Click the [Change All] button.

In the window that opens click the [Continue] button, then close the Info window.

Now when you double-click your copy of the template file it should open in TextEdit.

With the template open, open the TextEdit File menu and click on Duplicate.

This will make a copy of the file.  Return to the File menu and click Save.

In the Save As box, replace the zeros with the show date, using this format YYMMDD, and eliminate -Template-COLOR from the name. For example, if today is December 7, 2019, your script file will be named

Make sure the name of your script always starts with the date in the proper format, and ends with the .rtf extension.  When you are done naming the file, click the [Save] button.

Use the copy of your template to write the script.  As you write remember to save your script often using the Command+S keys.

In the Anchor introduction replace each NAME with one of the Entertainment anchors.  Also replace each color [NAME] indicator with the name of the person speaking. Use a [GRAPHIC #] indicator before each part of your script so the director knows which image to show on the studio monitor.

Click after the first [NAME] and [GRAPHIC 1] indicator and write about the first entertainment item you are sharing.  Be sure to include when, how and where the item is available.  For example: “… starts showing in theaters this Friday.”  Make sure it will take 15 seconds or less to read what you write about each item.

Click after the second [NAME] and [GRAPHIC 2] indicator and write about the second entertainment item you are sharing.

If you have three items, include the [NAME] indicator of the person speaking followed by a [GRAPHIC 3] indicator, then the script.

After reading your completed script out loud, make any changes needed to make sure it is easy to understand and lasts 60 seconds or less. When your script is complete and all corrections have been made, save it.

Finalize your script by Monday so that you may concentrate on completing your graphics by the end of class Tuesday.  Both your script and graphics need to be delivered at the start of class on Wednesday, the day of your segment.

Create the Graphics

You need a graphic for each item you are speaking about.  Since you are in the role of an entertainment critic you mention of the item during Logan Live is considered criticism, so your use of an image to promote the item should be considered copyright fair use.  Just make sure that the graphic you get comes from an official website for what you are discussing.  For example, an image promoting a concert or music release should come from the performer’s website.

When you find an image using Google Images, hold your Control key and click on the image to open the context menu. Click the “Save Image As…” option.

Navigate to your MyLoganLive folder and click the [Save] button.

You may also use the Shift+Command+4 keys, then click and drag to take a  screen shot of part of your desktop.

Navigate to your MyLoganLive folder and click the [Save] button.  The image you grab will be saved on your desktop. Drag it into your My Logan Live folder.

Use your Finder to open your MyLoganLive folder and double-click the file you downloaded.  If it does not open with Adobe Photoshop, close whatever opened.

Select the file and press the Command+i keys to open the Info menu.  From the “Open with” pull-down menu select Adobe Photoshop then click the [Change All] button.

When the “Are you sure …” box opens click the [Continue] button.

Now when you double-click the file it should open in Photoshop.

With your image opened in Photoshop press the Command+A keys to select the entire image.

Press the Command+C keys to copy the selected image.

Use the “File” menu to select the “New” option.

Click on the Film & Video tab, select the HDTV 1080p option, then click on the [Create] button.


Press the Command+V keys to paste your downloaded image into the new HDTV image.  Use the Control+T keys to enable Transform, then adjust the size and position so the image fills the new image space.

Make sure the shape of the image (aspect ratio) you pasted does not change as you move and resize it.

Press the Command+S keys to save your new image.

Navigate to your MyLoganLive folder and name the file using this format:
Substitute the two-digit year for YY, the two-digit month for MM, the two-digit day for DD and the number of your graphic for N.  For example, the first entertainment image file for December 7, 2019 would be named:

Make sure the Format is Photoshop then press the [Save] button.

Click the File menu Save As option.  Change the format to PNG then click the [Save] button.

When the PNG Form Options window opens click the [OK] button.

Repeat the process until you have all of the images for this week’s entertainment segment, making sure they have a number that corresponds to the graphic number in your script.

The Day of the Show

Once class starts and the staff meeting ends, open Google Chrome and navigate to the LL-PROMPTER folder.

From your computer’s My Logan Live folder, drag today’s prompter script into the LL-Prompter folder.

Once the file has uploaded, go to the control room and confirm with the teleprompter operator that they have received your file.

Return to your computer and follow this procedure:

After you have confirmed that the prompter operator has receive your script, use TextEdit to open the file in your My Logan Live folder.

With the file open, use the Format menu to Make Plain Text.

When asked to “Convert this document to plain text?” click the [OK] button.

With the plain text version of your script open, use the File menu to
Print two copies, one for each of the Entertainment anchors.

Next, follow these directions to connect to the to-TriCaster folder.

Once it is open, drag the PNG versions of your graphics into it, then go to the control room and confirm with the video switcher that they have received your graphics.

Keep your printed script copies with you during the show rehearsal and live broadcast in case their is a problem with the teleprompter.