Follow these procedures to prepare the sports script for the Tuesday or Thursday Logan Live! show.

Where to Find Sports Information

There are several sources for Logan sports information.  You should start preparing your script one day in advance, then complete it the day of the show with updated information.

  1. Check the home page calendar for a list of upcoming events.  Look for events taking place the day of the show up until the day before the next sports segment.  For example, Tuesday’s show includes Tuesday and Wednesday events; Thursday’s show includes events from Thursday through Monday.
  2. Check the James Logan section of MaxPreps and the James Logan section of Prep2Prep for updated results.
  3. Check the Daily Bulletin for sports announcements.
  4. Search for a team using Google when you cannot find results on MaxPreps.
  5. Visit the MVAL and NCS websites for the latest schedule updates, such as playoffs.

Download the Template

If you have not already done so, click on this 00-SPORTS-Template-COLOR.rtf link.  It should open in a new browser tab.

Click on the DOWNLOAD ICON.

Navigate to your computer’s My Logan Live folder within your Google Drive EMP folder.  Make sure the Format is rich text (RTF) then press the [Save] button to download the file.

You will use a copy of this file to create your script for the daily show.

Make a Copy of the Template

In your computer’s My Logan Live folder, double-click
your copy of the 00-SPORTS-Template-COLOR.rtf file to open it.

If the file does not open with TextEdit, close whatever program it opens, then select the file in your My Logan Live folder.

Press and hold the [Command+i] keys on your keyboard.

In the Info dialog box, look for Open with and select TextEdit from the menu.

Click the [Change All] button.

In the window that opens click the [Continue] button, then close the Info window.

Now when you double-click your copy of the 00-WEATHER-Template-COLOR.rtf file it should open in TextEdit.

With a copy of the template open, open the TextEdit File menu and click on Duplicate.

This will make a copy of the file.

Return to the File menu and click Save.

In the Save As box, replace the zeros with the show date, using this format YYMMDD, and eliminate -Template-COLOR from the name. For example, if today is December 21, 2019, your weather script file will be named

 Make sure the name of your script always starts with the date in the proper format, and ends with the .rtf extension.  When you are done naming the file, click the [Save] button.

Write Your Script

Use the copy of your template to write the script.  As you write remember to save your script often using the Command+S keys.  Make sure each event starts on a new line.

Check the school calendar and type a brief list of events that took place since the last sports segment. Then type a list of the events that will happen after your sports segment but before the next one.

Use MaxPreps, Prep2Prep and other sources to get results from the calendar events that have already taken place.  Write a brief summary for each event.

For each upcoming event write a brief description including the opponent’s name and where they will be playing.  For events at Logan include the time and place and encourage our audience to attend.

If a team had results and have an upcoming event, combine them.

Next, open the Daily Bulletin link. Click the Name heading to make sure the arrow is pointing down, then double-click the most recent bulletin.

Scroll down to the sports section and click and drag to highlight all sports announcements.

Use the Command+C keys to copy the announcements.

Return to your script in TextEdit and use the Edit menu “Paste and Match Style” option to paste the announcements into your script.

For each announcement remove any heading.  Rewrite each announcement as necessary.

Review the script and make any changes needed to make sure it sounds good when read out loud.  If it takes more than one minute to read it, shorten or remove items as necessary.

Assign a speaker for each announcement. If there are two sports anchors, alternate the assignment of each by adding the name of the speaker before the item. If there is only one anchor, only insert the name before the first announcement.

Remove any blank lines and other unnecessary items.

 If there are any photos included in a story, insert a [PHOTO] indicator.  When the photo is done being shown, insert the name of the person who will be speaking next.

Most of your script may be written the day before your sports segment.  For events taking place the day before the broadcast, remember to update the results the day of the broadcast.

When your script is complete save it.

Open a browser window in Chrome and navigate to the LL-Prompter folder.

From your computer’s My Logan Live folder, drag today’s prompter script into the LL-Prompter folder.

Once the file has uploaded, confirm with the prompter operator that they have your file.

Print Your Script and Practice

After you have confirmed that the prompter operator has receive your script, use TextEdit to open the file in your MyLoganLive folder.

With the file open, use the Format menu to Make Plain Text.

When asked to “Convert this document to plain text?” click the [OK] button.

With the plain text version of your script open, use the File menu to
a copy for each person who will read it on camera.

Go to the studio and practice reading your script while you wait for the show rehearsal to start.  You will need your script during the rehearsal and show in case the prompter stops working.