Follow this procedure in the Studio 104 Computer Lab to send images and videos to the Control Room:

In your iMac Finder, click on the “Go” menu, then click on the [Connect to Server] button.

In the “Server Address” field type smb:// then click on the + button.  This will add the location to the “Favorite Servers” list.  Next, click on the [Connect] button.

Next to “Connect As” select “Guest” then click on the [Connect] button.

Scroll down the list click to select the “to-TriCaster” volume, then click on the [OK] button.  A Finder window will open up showing the contents of the “to-TriCaster” folder.  You will see the connection on the left under the “Shared” section.

To send images and video files in the proper format to the control room, drag them into the “to-TriCaster” Finder window.
When your image and video files have finished transferring, click on the eject icon next to the Shared icon.  This will disconnect your computer from the TriCaster.