Refer to your background paper for your PSA’s message, then write an outline following the AIDA formula:

1. Get the audience’s Attention.

2. Keep your potential customer’s Interest by relating your message to their needs.

3. Build a Desire for your audience to act. Provide interesting details about how your audience will benefit from your client’s goal.

4. End with the Action you want the audience to perform. Examples include: visiting a website, attending an event, calling a phone number.

Type your script using the A/V script format.

1. Use a word processor such as or Microsoft’s Word,

2. Use the A/V script template available here.  Download it to your project folder and rename it PSA-script-NAME substituting your name for NAME.

3. Type your script’s narration in the audio column. If you are creating a motion graphics PSA, make sure it lasts exactly 15 seconds when read out loud.  If you are creating a live action PSA, make sure it lasts exactly 30 seconds when read out loud.

4. Save the file often to make sure you do not lose your work.

5. In the video column type brief descriptions of what will be shown adjacent to the appropriate audio.

Get your script approved:

1. Review your script for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors, then print out a copy and get it approved by the teacher. If any changes are needed make the corrections.

2. Print out your corrected script and get it approved by your PSA sponsor.