Motion graphics are animated text and images used to communicate a message.  (To see examples please click here.)

The Motion Graphics PSA Project (like all projects on this site) is broken down into four T’s: Task, Techniques, Tools and Terms.
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Task – This is what you accomplish by successfully completing this project:  A 15 second long PSA (Public Service Announcement) that will promote a message on behalf of a non-profit group or ogranization.

Techniques – These are some of the skills you will develop as you complete the project:

  • The ability to pitch a client for an assignment.
  • The ability to write an effective PSA script.
  • The knowledge of how to create a storyboard.
  • The ability to record and edit audio narration and background music.
  • The ability to create basic graphics and text, then animate them according to a script and storyboard.

Tools – The hardware and software needed to accomplish the main task:

  • Google Docs to write the proposal and script
  • A microphone, audio mixer and Audacity editing software to create the soundtrack.
  • Garage Band to create background music.
  • Adobe Photoshop to create graphic elements.
  • Adobe After Effects to animate text and graphics, and combine the soundtrack to create the final video.

Terms – Words you need to know and understand to become a multimedia master:

Advertisement (Ad, Commercial) – A notice or announcement in a public medium that is paid to appear
Spot Announcement (spot) – A radio or television announcement (usually an advertisement.)
Sponsor – A person or organization that provides funds or support for a project or activity.
Public Service Announcement (PSA) – An announcement for a non-profit organization that appears without payment made to the media organization.
Client – A person or organization using the services of a professional person or company.
Advertiser – A person or organization that advertises.
Audience – The people who watch or listen to a television or radio program.
Demographics – The quantifiable statistics of a given population.
Psychographics – The personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of a given population.
AIDA Formula –  A structure for writing an effective spot announcement.