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The Portfolio Project (like all projects on this site) is broken down into four T’s: Task, Techniques, Tools and Terms.

Task – This is what you accomplish by successfully completing this project:  An online portfolio that introduces people to who you are, some of your skills, your plans for the future, and samples of your best work.

Techniques – These are some of the skills you will develop as you complete the project:

  • The ability to write an effective introduction to who you are;
  • The ability to create a modern resume;
  • The knowledge of what to include in a portfolio;
  • The ability to prepare elements (text, photos, graphics, audio, video) for online display:
  • The ability to set-up effective website navigation and organization.

Tools – The hardware and software needed to accomplish the task:

  • A reliable host for a professional email address that will be used to register and communicate with your site host.
  • WordPress.com: a place with extensive tools that will host your website for free.
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional and OpenOffice: Software for creating Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
  • Adobe Photoshop – Software to prepare and convert photographs and graphics.
  • Adobe Premiere – Software to prepare video clips for your site.
  • YouTube – A place to host your video clips for free.

Terms – The words you need to know and understand to become a multimedia master.

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