1 Project Start | Introduction | Get Topic Approved |
2 Pre-Production | Research | Production Plan |
3 Production | Interviews | B-Roll |
4 Post-Production | Sound Bites | Script | Reporter Track | Graphics | Edit |
5 Distribution | Export | Promotion |



If you have ever seen something in a documentary film or during a  television news program that really made an impact, you understand the power of good storytelling.

After successfully completing this project, you will have created a TV News Package, which is a story similar to a mini-documentary.

To create a typical TV news package, people are needed to fill two roles:  The reporter/writer and the videographer/editor.   For this modified project, you will be working alone.

The steps to complete this project include:

  1. Get a story topic approved.
  2. Research the topic from credible sources.
  3. Create a production plan.
  4. Conduct remote interviews: At least one expert on the topic; At least two students who have credible things to say about how the topic affects them.
  5. Create and/or finding B-roll footage to illustrate the topic.
  6. Write a script and get it approved.
  7. Record the reporter track and “reporter stand-up.”
  8. Edit the final story.
  9. Get the story approved and distributed.


Step 1 – Get Your Topic Approved

To get your story topic approved, think about who you may be able to interview for your story.  It may appear that the biggest challenge will be the topic expert, but finding two students are willing to share their thoughts in public about a topic that may have affected them deeply could be much harder.

Your completed story will be posted on the LoganTV.net website, and may be part of a Logan Live episode.  The people you interview must understand that their image and what they say may be shared publicly as part of your story.

For a topic choose something that you believe is important to teenagers.  This article may give you some ideas, but you may very well have an issue that you believe is important to share with other teens.

When you decided upon your topic send an email to the teacher that includes the following:

  1. Subject: TV News Package.
  2. Message Body
    1. Your first and last name
    2. The first topic you would like your story to be about.  Be specific.
    3. A paragraph explaining why you think the topic is important to teenagers.

Your topic may not be approved for a number of reasons.  The topic may be too broad; the topic is not clear; someone else has already been assigned the topic.