The number of files used to create multimedia projects can quickly grow and become hard to manage if you do not take steps early on to keep things organized.  Here is one process that uses Google Drive and a Mac computer to keep your work organized:

One Way to Set-up a Mac Computer Account

Using Google Drive to Organize Projects

Using Google Backup and Sync


Mac Computer Account
– Set-Up (password, finder, dock)

Log in using the user name and password assigned to you.  The first time you log in you need to click through several screens.


The desktop on a Mac is known as the Finder.  In the upper left-hand corner you will see an Apple logo with the word Finder next to it.  Whatever name is next to this Apple Logo is the application you are currently using.

Finder Preferences

Click on the name Finder at the top left corner of the desktop, then click on the Preferences menu.

With the “General” tab selected, make sure there are check marks next to each of the devices listed.  Under “New Finder windows show” click then select your log in name from the list.

Click on the “Sidebar” tab and put a checkmark next to everything under “Favorites” except the  “All My Files” and “iCloud Drive” items. Under “Shared” uncheck “Back to My Mac” and place check marks next to the other items.  Under “Devices” put check marks next to every item.

Click on the “Advanced” tab and put check marks next to each of the items.  Under “When performing a search” choose “Search This Mac” from the list.

The Dock

At the bottom of the desktop “The Dock” which provides quick access to various items on your computer. On the far left is an icon that represents the Finder. When clicked, a new finder window will open.

To the right of the Finder icon is the Launchpad. When you click on the Launchpad you can quickly search for installed applications.  Click to start the Launchpad, then type Chrome in the search box.
– Google Drive Sync (choosing what to sync, keeping sync up-to-date)
– Project folder organization (raw video footage, video, audio, images)
– File naming

Google Drive – overview (cloud computing)
– Set-Up – online and desktop
– Project Set-Up