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Once you have been assigned a character in your class film, download a copy of the final script into your Google Drive Class Film Folder.  Use your Chromebook to open the script.  To make it easier to record each scene that features your character, you may want to create a Google Doc, then copy and paste each scene into it.  Make sure you include the entire scene, including action descriptions.

Practice reading the dialog for your character in a scene before you start recording.  Also pay attention to anything in the action description that may apply to your voice performance.  This may include your character expressing emotion by laughing, crying, shouting, screaming, etc.

Record Your Performance

After you have rehearsed a scene, use a phone and a voice recording app to record your performance.  (A phone will most likely give you better sound than if you record with your Chromebook.)

  1. If you have an iPhone, use your Voice Memos app.
  2. If your Android phone did not come with an audio recording app, consider installing Smart Recorder.  It will show a lot of ads while using it, but it works well.

Make sure you hold the phone’s microphone 3 to 6 inches from your mouth.  Do a test recording to make sure the sound is clear.  You need to record in a very quiet space.  If your recordings have any extraneous sound you will need to re-record.  Once you have recorded good performances for all of your scenes, create a folder named Recordings within your Google Drive Class Film folder.  Place copies of all of your recordings in your new Recordings folder.

Edit the Recording

Once you have recorded all of your character’s appearances in each scene of the script, watch the tutorial video below to learn how to use twistedwave.com/online to edit audio on your Chromebook.  Please note that you need to provide a single edited file for each scene.  Leave one to two seconds between each line of dialog within a scene.

When you export an edited scene use this naming format:

– the scene number for S#,
– the take number for T#,
– the character you were assigned for CHARACTER
– and your first and last name for NAME.

For example: S3T2-Tom-Mr-Yacco.mp3

After you have all of your performances edited, create a folder within your Google Drive Class Film folder named Performance. Place no more than two of your best takes for each scene in your Performance folder, then submit the link to your Performance folder in Canvas.