If you do not already have a WordPress.com account, please click here to sign up.

On the WordPress.com welcome page click the Start your website button.

In the Let’s get started window, enter your professional email address.  Choose a user name as close to your real name as possible.
Enter a password, then click the Create your account button.

When prompted to Choose a domain, enter a name for your site that includes your full name followed by Portfolio.
If the name is not available, try one as close as possible.  For example:
Jim Shoes Portfolio 2021
Portfolio Jim Shoes
Portfolio Jim Shoes 2021

When offered a paid plan, go to the right of the Free option and click the Select button.

When offered to “Pick a plan” click the start with a free site link.

It may take awhile for your account to be set up.

Since you may change your design later, when prompted to Choose a design quickly click on anyone.

When prompted to Pick a font pairing press the Continue button.

On the Select a plan page, scroll down until you find the Free option.

Underneath the Free heading click the Select button.

WordPress.com will start building your website.

A series of messages will appear.  Click the Next button to move through them until the My Home page appears.

The My Home page gives you access to different tools used to create your website.

Go your web browser address bar and look at the URL for your site.  Select everything just before the name of your site.  In this example, the site is named jimshoesportfolio2021 and everything before that text has been selected.  Once the correct text has been selected use the backspace key to delete it.

Next, select all of the text following wordpress.com/  In the example above it is home
Replace the text with wp-admin then press your keyboard’s enter key.

You should now be on the WordPress.com Dashboard.  This is the traditional interface for setting up a WordPress website.  Add a bookmark to this page in your web browser so you may easily return here.

Now that you have a WordPress.com account, click here to create your Basic Site Set-Up.

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