If you have created a text document, including one with images, and you want it to appear the same to anyone who views it in your portfolio, you should convert it to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document File.  A PDF file makes sure whatever fonts you have used, and however you have arranged the text and images on the page, will look the same to anyone who opens the file.  If you share other versions of your document, special software and other items may be needed for people to view it.

If you are using a Mac computer, it is easy to create a PDF file from any document. Just start to print the document [Command+P], but instead of choosing your printer, click on the PDF menu near the bottom-left of the print window, and choose Save as PDF.

PDF - Save as PDF

Whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC, if you open your document from Google Drive using the Chrome Browser, you can change the print destination  from your regular printer to “Save as PDF.”

Destination Save as PDF

If you use a Windows PC and want to convert your document to a PDF file, you most likely will have to install a program.  One that works well is the free PDF creator from PDF24.  Once the program is installed, you will have the option to choose a printer named PDF24 which will create a PDF version of your document.

Creating Text Documents

When creating text documents, especially text documents that contain images, there are numerous programs from which to choose.  You may already be familiar with Microsoft Word.  There is a free alternative to Word called LibreOffice.  LibreOffice not only lets you create documents with text and images similar to Word, it also lets you create PDF files without having to print.

For more advanced creation of documents that feature text and images, Adobe InDesign is a popular professional choice.  Scribus is a free alternative that lets you create similar documents.

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