Your “About Me” page should explain to people who you are, an overview of what you have accomplished, and what you plan to do in the future.  It should include three items:

A written overview of you
A professional quality photo of you
Your current resume

The Written Overview
Use text editing software to type a three to four paragraph document that is similar to what you would write for a college application personal statement. To learn more about writing personal statements click here.  As you write, keep in mind that anyone on the internet will be able to read it.  While it should include personal information, do not include any personal information that you do not want to be public.

A Professional Quality Photo
Have someone who is good with photography take a photo portrait of you.  If you want to use a school or graduation photo taken by a professional photographer, make sure you have permission from them to use the photo on your website.  Click here to prepare the photo for use in your website.

Your Resume
If you have never created one, click here to learn how to write a resume.  If you use Google Docs to write your resume there are a number of templates available. Click here to tryout Google Resume Builder. If you want to try an infographic resume, here are 30 Free Printable Resume Templates. Here are more Resume Templates That You Can Download For Free.

If you already have a resume, make sure it is up-to-date.  The version of your resume that you include on your website should not include your address or phone number, nor the addresses and phone numbers of anyone else (for example: your references.)  Only include your professional email address in your online resume so that you may restrict who contacts you.  When your resume is done, follow the guidelines to convert it to a PDF file.

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