Your online portfolio should have three sections:

Welcome Page
This is the page visitors see when then first arrive at your site.  You need to write one to two paragraphs that welcome visitors and give them an overview of what your site offers.  It is best to write this with text editing software first, then copy and paste the corrected version onto your page. For an example and how to Create Welcome Page Content click here.

About Me Page
This page should give your visitors a good overview of who you are, what you have accomplished, and what your future goals are.  Think of it as a modified version of a Personal Statement that is written to apply for college admission. To learn how to Create About Me Page Content click here.

Work Samples
It is one thing to tell someone about what you can do.  It is much better to show them.  That is why your portfolio needs to includes samples of what you can do.

When your website is set-up correctly, your Work Samples Page will list a summary of things you have accomplished.  Before you can include a work sample in your website, you need to prepare it for online display.  Whatever work samples you plan to include should fall into one of the categories below: (Documents, Images, Video or Audio)

Once you have followed the guidelines to prepare your work samples, and your Welcome and About Me pages, click here to Add Content to your website.

Documents (text with or without images)
To include something you have written, or a two-dimensional presentation, such as a PowerPoint slide presentation, click here to learn how to Prepare Documents for inclusion in your portfolio.

Images are a great way to share 3-dimensional objects, documentation of your activities, or your skills as a photographer or 2-dimensional artist. Click here to learn how to Prepare Images for inclusion in your portfolio.

You have learned how to create videos as part of this course, so you should include at least two videos from each semester that demonstrate what you can do.  You should also include videos that show you accomplishing things related to your future goals.  This may include a musical performance, sports highlights, or your ability to perform some other task or process. Click here to learn how to Prepare Video for inclusion in your portfolio.

If you have a recording of a song you wrote or performed, or other sound that is not part of a video, click here to learn how to Prepare Audio for inclusion in your portfolio.

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