To complete your “Welcome” page, go to your site’s Dashboard, click on the [Pages] link, then click on [Welcome] to open the page editor.

Select welcome page

When you edit a page you will see a title box, buttons to add items and change the appearance, and a large space to add the page’s content.

Page editor layout

Open the document where you prepared your “Welcome” page text, copy it,

Copy welcome text

then return to WordPress and paste the text into the page content area.

Paste text

While you are editing a page you may view the content in two different ways.

Visual or Text view

Clicking on the [Visual] tab shows the page content the way it will appear to visitors to your site.  Clicking on the [Text] tab shows the raw page content and any code needed by a web browser to display the content.  The Text mode is for more advanced page creation.  Make sure you are using the Visual mode to edit your pages.

Once you have pasted your “Welcome” page text, you may use the toolbar to change its appearance.  If you to not see all of the tools, click the “Toolbar Toggle” icon.

Tool bar

This is similar to using a text editing program such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.  You may change the color of text, make it bold or italic, and center it.  When you are done adding and modifying the appearance of your “Welcome” page text, click on the [Update] button to save your changes.


Publish window

To see how the page will look to your site visitors, click on the [Preview Changes] button.

When your Welcome Page is complete, click here to Complete your About Me Page.

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