Photos,  graphics and other images will add a lot of impact to your website.  To add images to a work samples post, open the post from your Dashboard.


Click in the content box on the post editor page after the text you wrote describing what you did and why you are including this work sample.  Click the [Add Media] button,


then click on the [Select Files] button


and navigate to  your Google Drive project folder. Open the Images folder and select one or more images that you wish to include in your post.  Click the [Open} button and wait for the images to upload.


Once the last image has finished uploading, select it.  In the Title box, type a short title for the image.  In the “Alt Text” box type a short description of what the image shows.  This will help people with impaired vision who visit your site.


When you are done updating the title and text for the image, repeat the process for each of the other images you just uploaded. When you have completed the process for all images, click on the [Create Gallery] link in the upper left-hand corner of the window.  Make sure all of the images are selected by holding down the [Shift] key on your keyboard as you click on each image.


Once all of the images have been selected, click on the [Create a new gallery] button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.


In the Edit Gallery window, place the images in the order you would like them to appear.  If you want to add descriptions, type them in the “Caption this image …” area under the image.


Use the “Gallery Settings” to change how the images will appear in your post.   For a slide show, change the “Size” to Large, and the “Type” to “Slideshow.”  When you are done, click on the [Insert gallery] button.


Click the [Preview] button to see your slide show, then return to your post’s edit page.


If you do not like how your images appeared, click on an image, then click on the pencil icon that appears.


Experiment with the “Gallery Settings” for other ways to display your images.  When you like how everything looks after previewing your post, click on the [Publish] button.


If you do not see a [Publish] button, your post has already been published.  Click on the [Update] button to save your changes.


If you only add one image to a post, follow the same method you used to add your portrait to your “About Me” page.

To learn more about adding images to a website, click on these links: | Images | Adding Images to Posts or PagesFeatured Images |

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