To use an audio file as a work sample, use your Dashboard to open the post you started that includes your description of what you did and why you are including the file.

1 will let you include an audio that is hosted on another site, such as SoundCloud or Audiomack.  To add your hosted audio, go to your host and copy the URL.  For example, if your video is hosted by SoundCloud, click in your web browser address bar and copy the complete address.


Return to your post editor and click in the content window after all of the text you wrote.  Paste the URL you copied below the text you wrote.


Click the [Preview] button to see how your audio player will look to your website visitors.


Return to your post’s edit page.  When you like how everything looks after previewing your post, click on the [Publish] button.


If you do not see a [Publish] button, your post has already been published.  Click on the [Update] button to save your changes.


Click here to learn more about including audio on a website.

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