To use a video file as a work sample, use your Dashboard to open the Posts page. Click the down arrow to the right of Add New and choose the Classic Editor option.

Make sure you are in the Visual editor. Type a title and a description of what you did and why you are including the video, then click the Save Draft button. will let you include a video that is hosted on another site, such as or Vimeo.  Click here for a complete list of what video sites supports.

To add your hosted video, go to your host and copy the URL.  For example, if your video is hosted by YouTube, click the Share button under the video.

With the Share window open click the COPY button.

Return to your post editor and click in the content window after all of the text you wrote.  Use the [Command+C] keys to paste the URL you copied below the text you wrote.

It should immediately transform into a player showing the thumbnail of the video you chose.

Click the Save Draft button, then click the Preview button.

A Preview tab will open that shows how your post will look to visitors to your site.

If you wish to start the video at a specific time, the process is different.  In the YouTube video player, stop where you want the video to start playing. Open the Share settings and make sure a checkmark is next to the Start time.  Then click the COPY button.

Return to your post and click the Add Media button.

Choose the Insert from URL option, then paste the text you copied from YouTube in the Insert from URL box.

In the Post editor choose the Text view option.  Look at the YouTube URL.

You need to change the t between the ? and = characters to the word start.

Once the change has been made, click the Save Draft button, then click the Preview button.  The Preview will show a player that has a thumbnail from where the video will start.

Return to your post’s edit page.  Make sure you have assigned a category to your post. If there are no appropriate categories,
click the + Add New Category button, type the category name, then press the Add New Category button.

Make sure there is only a checkmark next to the categories you want for this post.

When you like how everything looks after previewing your post, click on the Publish button.

If you do not see a Publish button, your post has already been published.  Click on the Update button to save your changes.

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