Any text you have written, or any document you have created, should have been saved as a PDF file. (Refer to Prepare Documents)  To add a PDF file to a post, click after the text you wrote, then click on the [Add Media] button.


Click on the [Select Files] button and navigate to  your Google Drive project folder. Open the documents folder, select your PDF file, then click open.


Your PDF file will now be in your WordPress Media Library. Change the title to the title of the document, then type a brief description in the Alt Text field.  When you are done, click the [Insert into page] button.


When you add a PDF document to a page in WordPress it creates a link to the file. To make it easier for visitors to your website, you need to edit the link.  When you click on the link a pencil appears.


When you click on the pencil a small gear appears. Click on the gear to edit the link.


In the “Insert/edit link” window change the “Link Text” to something like this:
Please click here to read my TITLE.  (Substitute the name of your document for TITLE.)


Next to “Open link in a new tab” click in the box to make a check appear, then click on the [Update] button.


Now when someone clicks on “Please click here to read …” a new tab will open displaying your document just the way it appeared when you created it.  If someone closes the tab, they will return to your post.

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