Each of your work samples will be a separate post (not a page.)  From your Dashboard float over “Posts” and click on the [Add New] link.


The Post Editor is similar to the Page Editor.  Start by clicking in the “Enter title here” box and type a short phrase to describe the work sample you are including.  Here are some examples: News Story, Class Film, Photography Samples, English Essay, Original Music. If your work sample has a title (such as the name of a song or video) use that for the post title.


For each work sample you include you need to write a short description that explains what you did and why you included it.  Type this in the Post content box. For example:

  • I was the director of this short film.  I think the film is entertaining.
  • I wrote this essay for my history class.  It is a good example of my writing skills.
  • I took all of the photos in this gallery.  Some of them I modified using Adobe Photoshop.


A post includes a publish time which usually indicates when it was added to your website.  For each of your samples, however, you should make the publish time close to when you did the work. Next to “Publish Immediately” click on the [Edit] button.  Change the month, day and year to a date close to when you created the work sample.  For the time, make sure it is not too early or too late.  Keep the time between 8:00 and 21:00 (8am and 9pm.)  When the date and time is set, click on the [OK] button.


To save your post as you work on it, click often on the [Save Draft] button.


In the “Categories” section on the right-hand side of the post editor, look for a category related to your work sample.  If this is the first post you are creating, you will only have “uncategorized” as an option.  To create a category, click the [+ Add New Category] button and type one or two words to describe it.  Here are some examples: videos , photos, writing, music


As your portfolio grows you may need to create several categories so it is easier for viewers to find only a certain type of work sample.  Another way to make their search easier it to add tags to each post.  Look for the “Tags” section below “Categories” and type a specific word or two for each tag, the click the [Add] button.  Here are some examples: history, science, editing


If you need to remove a category or tag, go to your Dashboard and click on the [Posts] link.


You will now see a sub-menu that shows “Categories” and “Tags” links.  Click on the item you wish to change and edit as you desire.


When you are done setting up your post it is time to add the actual work sample. (Remember to click on the [Save Draft] button so you do not lose your work.)
Click here to Add a Document.
Click here to Add Images.
Click here to Add a Video.
Click here to Add Audio.

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