Pages and Posts are the two ways you will use to share the content you have prepared for your website.

WordPress Pages are static and are usually listed in the menu for your site. When you created your portfolio, you create three pages: Welcome, About Me and Work Samples.

To Complete your Welcome page click here.
To Complete your About Me page click here.

Your Work Samples page is unusual because you will not add content directly onto it.  If you set-up your site properly, the Work Samples page will serve as a table of contents: it will list your posts.

WordPress Posts are different than pages because they are listed by date, and can be categorized and tagged.  Each of your work samples should be a separate post. Click here to add document, image, video and audio work samples to your portfolio.

When you think you are done adding all of the content to your online portfolio, click here to use the Portfolio Checklist.

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