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When you apply for a job or a college scholarship you need to make a good impression. One way for you to stand out from the people with whom you are competing is to create a portfolio that summarizes your skills and shows samples of what you have accomplished.

Please click here to review an outline of what you will learn and accomplish by successfully completing this project.

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After successfully completing this online portfolio project, you will have a website that can help get your future off to a great start.  Click the image below to watch a video that shows what an online portfolio should include.

To create your own online portfolio, please follow the steps below:

1 – Why You Need an Online Portfolio
2 – Set-Up Your Project
3 – Basic Site Set-Up
4 – Customize Your Site’s Appearance
5 – Prepare Content
6 – Add Content
7 – Portfolio Checklist
8 – Your Learning Experience
9 – Keep in Touch