Room Layout

Logan Live Control Room

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As you enter the Control Room use the wall switches to make sure the room lights are on. There are two operating rows of tables and one equipment rack.

Row 1 includes the Graphics Computers (Titles, Box-1, Box-3), the Prompter computer, the intercom base station, the TriCaster control panel, the TriCaster keyboard and mouse, and the live streaming check computer.

Row 2 includes the Audio Mixer and monitor.

The Equipment Rack includes the TriCaster computer. TV remotes are on the top.

Titles Computer

Prompter ComputerTurn on the computer and the monitor by pressing their power buttons. This desktop Windows computer creates lower-third and credits titles and sends them to the TriCaster Titles input.

Logan Live Log InLog into the Logan Live account using the Logan Live password.

Box Computers

Use the power button on the back of each computer to turn it on.

These two iMac computers provide over-the-shoulder (OTS) and full-screen graphics that are laid over the anchor close-ups.  The Box 1 computer sends graphics to the TriCaster Box 1 input.  The Box 2 computer sends graphics to the TriCaster Box 2 input.

At the log-in screen enter Graphics for the user name and the Logan Live password.

Prompter Computer

Prompter Computer

Turn on the computer and the monitor by pressing their power buttons.

Logan Live Log In

After the computer boots up, click on Logan Live. Log in using the Logan Live password.

ZaPrompt IconOnce the desktop has loaded, double-click the ZaPrompt icon to start the program.

Refer to the Prompter instructions to create today’s script and show it.

Audio Mixer

Audio Mixer and Monitor

Turn on the monitor to the left of the audio mixer. (When the TriCaster is on this will show the Multiview display.)

Audio Mixer Power SwitchTurn on the audio mixer using the button on the back.  Refer to the audio mixing instructions to set up the studio mics and mix them.Audio Mixer in Operation

TriCaster Video Switcher


Turn on the two TriCaster monitors next to the TriCaster Control Panel.

Sharp TV Remote

Get the Sharp TV Remote from the top of the Equipment Rack and use it to turn on the two large wall-mounted TV monitors.Wall Mounted Monitors

Vizio TV RemoteGet the Vizio TV Remote and turn on the small wall-mounted prompter monitor.

TriCaster Power Switch

Near the bottom of the Equipment Rack, press the power button on the TriCaster computer to turn it on.

TriCaster Log InOnce the TriCaster boots up, the control panel monitor on the right will show the log in screen with the user name TriCaster.

TriCaster Keyboard and Mouse

Use the keyboard to enter the password to log in.

TriCaster Session List

Once the TriCaster has launched, click on the correct project folder.

Click on Start Live Production to load up the broadcast session.

After everything loads, the large wall-mounted screens will show the Multiview display on the left and the Program output on the right.

The TriCaster monitors will show the Multiview display on the left, and the Live Desktop display on the right.

Control Room Lights

Turn on the two task lights using the switches at the end of each row. Turn off the room lights using the wall switches near either one of the entry doors. Just before the live Logan Live broadcast, turn on the On-Air lights using the wall switch near the audio booth. When Logan Live is over, make sure to turn off the On-Air lights, turn-on the room lights, then turn off the task lights.