Make sure you have set-up Google Backup and Sync correctly.

To create scripts for Logan Live you need to download a template.
For anchors: 00-ANCHORS-Template-COLOR.rtf
For weather: 00-WEATHER-Template-COLOR.rtf
For words of wisdom: 00-WORDS-Template-COLOR.rtf
For sports: 00-SPORTS-Template-COLOR.rtf
For entertainment: 00-ENTERTAINMENT-Template-COLOR.rtf
For spotlight: 00-SPOTLIGHT-Template-COLOR.rtf

Download and Open the Template

To download your template, click on the link. It should open in a new browser tab.  In this example, it is the ANCHORS template.

Click on the DOWNLOAD ICON.

If you have set-up Chrome correctly, you will be be able to choose where to download the file.  (If you have not set-up your computer correctly the file will be saved in your Downloads folder and you will have to move it into your MyLoganLive folder.)

Navigate to your computer’s My Logan Live folder within your Google Drive EMP folder.  Make sure the Format is rich text (RTF) then press the [Save] button to download the file.

Make a Copy of the Template

Always use a copy of the template you downloaded to prepare your script.

You will use a copy of this file to create your script for the daily show.

In your computer’s My Logan Live folder, double-click
your copy of the template file to open it.  In this example is it the ANCHORS template.

If the file does not open with TextEdit, close whatever program it opens, then select the file in your My Logan Live folder.

Press and hold the [Command+i] keys on your keyboard.

In the Info dialog box, look for Open with and select TextEdit from the menu.

Click the [Change All] button.

In the window that opens click the [Continue] button, then close the Info window.

Now when you double-click your copy of the template file it should open in TextEdit.

With a copy of the template open, open the TextEdit File menu and click on Duplicate.

This will make a copy of the file.  Return to the File menu and click Save.

In the Save As box, replace the zeros with the show date, using this format YYMMDD, and eliminate -Template-COLOR from the name. For example, if today is December 7, 2019, your anchors script file will be named

In this example, the date is September 23, 2019, so the file name is 190923-anchors.rtf

Make sure the name of your script always starts with the date in the proper format, and ends with the .rtf extension.  When you are done naming the file, click the [Save] button.

Prepare Your Script

Here are links to details about how to prepare your specific show segment:
| Anchors | Weather | Words of Wisdom | Sports | Entertainment |

Once you have completed your script, read it out loud and make any necessary changes. When your script is complete and all corrections have been made, save it.

Save the final script, then open Google Chrome and navigate to the

From your computer’s My Logan Live folder, drag today’s prompter script into the LL-Prompter folder.

Once the file has uploaded, go to the control room and confirm with the teleprompter operator that they have received your file.

Return to your computer and follow this procedure:

Print Your Script and Practice

After you have confirmed that the prompter operator has receive your script, use TextEdit to open the file in your My Logan Live folder.

With the file open, use the Format menu to Make Plain Text.

When asked to “Convert this document to plain text?” click the [OK] button.

With the plain text version of your script open, use the File menu to
Print one copy for each person who will be speaking in the script, plus one copy for the Director. (For example: two anchors plus director = 3 copies: Words of Wisdom presenter plus director = 1 copy.)

Once you have printed copies of your script, give one to the Director then go to the studio and practice while you wait for the show rehearsal to start.  Keep the script copy with you during the show rehearsal and live broadcast in case their is a problem with the teleprompter.






Use the copy you just saved and type your script where INSERT SCRIPT appears.  (You should remove INSERT SCRIPT). Remember to precede what you say with the name of the person who will be saying it.  For example, if you are the first of two anchors, copy the [ANCHOR1] from the template and paste it before each announcement you will be saying in the script.   Save your script often as you work on it so you will not lose your work.

See below for information about writing your specific script.

Show Anchors

Click here and follow the guidelines to prepare your script.

Weather Anchor

Create your graphics and radar video as soon as the day’s class meeting has ended.  When your graphics and radar video have been sent to the control room, you need to send create a script and send it to the teleprompter, even if you will be ad-libbing your presentation (which is usually the case.] Make sure you include your name in the script.  When you present the weather, you start with the current temperature, refer to any current (or lack of) precipitation when the radar video is playing, then talk about the forecast: today’s conditions, high and low, then a brief preview of the week’s conditions, highs and lows.

Words of Wisdom Anchor

Start by finding a quote from someone who is well-known.  Give a very brief description of who the person is, then say the quote.  Conclude with a brief description of what the quote means to you and why you think it is worthwhile for the viewers to think about it.  Remember, your script should be prepared one school-day in advance, then sent to the teleprompter at the beginning of class on the day you are presenting it.

Sports Anchor

Start your script the day before your broadcast and refer to the calendar to include sporting events will take place before the upcoming broadcast. (For example, if you are working on a Tuesday script, include Tuesday and Wednesday events. A Thursday script will include Thursday through Monday events.)  Check the day of your broadcast for results from the events since the previous sports broadcast.  Use Chrome to navigate to your Google Drive’s shared LL-resources folder and download today’s bulletin.  Include any sports-related announcements in your script.

Entertainment Anchor

Start your script the day after your last broadcast.  You have up to one minute to share information about upcoming movies, TV shows, music, video games and anything that could be classified as entertainment appropriate to share.  Only promote something that will take place more than a week from your broadcast if something related to it will happen this week.  For example: advanced tickets go on sale.  Finalize your script by Monday so that you make concentrate on creating graphics by the end of class Tuesday.  Both your script and graphics need to be delivered at the start of class on Wednesday, the day of your segment.