The equipment used to produce the daily show Logan Live! is similar to the equipment used for most multi-camera broadcasts:

Control Room Equipment

Video Switcher
This controls which video sources are shown to the audience: live cameras; video clips; still images; title graphics; animations, etc.

Audio Mixer
This controls what sounds the audience hears: on-camera talent microphones; recorded music cues; video clip audio; etc.

This prepares and controls the text displayed to on-camera talent so that they do not have to memorize their script.  This system may be located in the studio instead of the control room.

Character Generator
Originally used to provide only text for compositing live over other video sources, these can now playback full-color images and animations.

Video Server
This replaced the function of tape machines for playing back recorded video segments that may or may not include sound.  This will also record the show for later use.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
This replaced the function of tape cartridges and memory cards for creating and playing back audio clips.

Also referred to as PL (for party line) this lets the control room and studio crew talk to each other.

These include video screens and audio speakers so the crew can preview sources and monitor what is being broadcast to the audience.

Studio Equipment

Lights and Controller
Set and talent lights, usually hung from an overhead grid, are controlled by a device that allows dimming and focussing of individual instruments.

Cameras and Accessories
Placed on either a tripod or pedestal, these are often on robotic supports that are remotely controlled and do not require individual operators. A teleprompter display in front of the lens allows on-camera talent to see their script without interfering with the camera’s image.  When a camera operator is present they use an intercom to communicate

Video screens allow the on-camera talent and crew to see what is being broadcast or preview special set-ups.  Audio speakers provide a mix-minus feed: studio microphones are eliminated from the program sound to eliminate feedback.


Control Room

NewTek TriCaster 8000
This is the heart of the broadcast, combining many functions: video switcher, video server, audio mixer and transmitter.  Any pre-recorded sounds and video clips are stored and played-back here.  All video and audio sources are combined and sent to the audience from here.

Audio Mixer
This is used to control the sound from studio microphones.

Receives scripts from on camera talent, combines them into the show script, then plays the text back while keeping pace with whoever is reading .

Title Computer
Creates lower-third graphics and ending credits, then controls their playback as they are sent to the TriCaster.

Box-1 and Box-2 Graphic Computers
These are used to create or modify OTS (over-the-shoulder) and full-screen graphics, then control their playback as they are sent to the TriCaster.

Intercom Base Station
This is used by the director to communicate with the studio crew and on-camera talent.  The producer is also connected to the system.