There are several sources for the graphics used to produce Logan Live:

Weather and Entertainment graphics produced in the computer lab.

Screen Graphics:
Lower-third and credits produced on the control-room Titles computer.
Over-the-shoulder (OTS) and full screen graphics finalized on the control room Box-1 and Box-3 computers.

Since Logan Live is broadcast using the 1080p HD format, all screen graphics must have a resolution of 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.  All text must be within the text safe margin area.

When you start a new image using Photoshop, choose the Film & Video 1080p blank document preset, then press the Create button.

The overall size of the image is indicated by the white background. The guidelines indicate two areas: the inner guidelines rectangle indicates the traditional safe text area.  This means that designers kept all their text within this area to make sure it was not cut off on some television screens.  The outer guidelines rectangle was traditionally the safe action area.  This was used to make sure essential images were viewable.  The white area between the outer rectangle guides and the edges of the image still need content since they are seen by most viewers. (The black area below is not part of the image.)

16-9 Photoshop Safe Areas

Since technology has improved over the years, all screens should display whatever is within the traditional same action area.  When you use Photoshop to create an image, you use the area within the outer guidelines rectangle to place your text.  This is indicated in the following graphic:

Safe Text Area


Weather and Entertainment graphics are usually produced using Photoshop.  Once editing has been completed and the Photoshop PSD file has been saved, each image should be save using the PNG format.  The PNG versions are sent to the control room.  Since these graphics appear in a monitor on the virtual set, text is best when it is at least 125 pt.

Each PhotoShop image needs to be saved using this naming format: YYMMDD-SEGMENT-X.psd where YY is the two digit year, MM is the two digit month, and DD is the two digit day.  SEGMENT should be replaced by either Weather or Entertainment. The X should be replaced by the number the image will appear. For example: 180103-Weather-1.psd is the current temperature for the January 3, 2018 show. 180103-Entertainment-3.psd is the third image for the January 3, 2018 show.


The control room Box-1, Box-3 and Titles computers use Microsoft PowerPoint to send their graphics to the TriCaster.  Each graphic must use the chroma-key green in the Logan Live PowerPoint Template to indicate which portion of the image will be replaced by live video.  No text should be smaller then 72pt.

Title graphics use the text tools in PowerPoint to update names or to create special lower-third titles, such as website addresses and phone numbers.

Images prepared in PhotoShop may be used in Box-1 and Box-3 OTS and full-screen graphics.  PowerPoint graphics and text tools may also be used.

For each show, a copy of the PowerPoint Template needs to be saved using this naming format: YYMMDD.pptx where YY is the two digit year, MM is the two digit month, and DD is the two digit day.  For example: 180103.pptx is for the January 3, 2018 show.