Once your script has been approved, record the reporter track.

1. Check out a camera package with a hand mic that has the Logan Live! mic flag.

2. Find a location with a background that is appropriate to your story.  For example, if the story is about a team, use the location where they play.  If it is a club, use their meeting space.

3. The videographer sets-up for a medium shot of the reporter speaking directly into the camera while holding a microphone with a flag.  The mic flag visually identifies a program or network.

4. Once the videographer starts recording, the reporter will read from the approved script all of the reporter track, with the exception of the last section.  If a mistake is made, do not stop recording.  Instead, have the reporter back up to the beginning of the sentence where the mistake was make, then continue reading.  Once all of the reporter track sections (with the exception of the last one) have been read correctly, stop recording.

5. The reporter will now memorize the last section of reporter track in the script.  This should include the conclusion and standard sign-off.  In some scripts, there will only be the standard sign-off. For Logan Live! the standard sign-off is: “From James Logan High School in Union City, California, this is NAME for Logan TV.”  (The reporter’s name is substituted for NAME.)

6. Once the last section of reporter track has been memorized, the reporter gives the script to the videographer and the recording starts. The reporter holds the microphone just below their chin, and recites their lines as they look directly into the camera lens.  As the reporter speaks, the videographer should follow the script to make sure there are no mistakes.  If a mistake is made, the videographer should tell the reporter the correct line, then the reporter should try again.  Once the reporter has recorded the last section of the reporter track correctly, stop the recording.