Prepare Your Story Distribution

10.  Once the final edits or your story and excerpt have been approved, export them using the H.264 format with the YouTube 1080p HD preset. Name the full story file News-SUBJECT-NAMES.mp4 substituting a one or two story name for SUBJECT, and the names of the reporter/writer and videographer/editor for NAMES.  Separate words using hyphens (-) and do not use any spaces or other special characters.  Name the story excerpt News-SUBJECT-NAMES-Excerpt.mp4 using the same subject and names substitution.

11. Watch the entire exported videos to make sure they have no errors.

12. Create a distribution folder within your story project folder and name it
News-SUBJECT-Distribution-NAMES using the same subject and names substitution as above.

Include in your distribution folder the following:
A. Your approved exported video files (full story and excerpt.)
B. Copies of the lower-third PSD files you created.
C. A stand-alone text document titled News-SUBJECT-Notes-NAMES, substituting a one or two word story subject for TITLE and you and your partners names for NAMES.  (Stand-alone documents include Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files, and OpenDocument .odt files.  If you created your original document as a Google Doc, use the File Menu Download option and choose the Microsoft Word option.) Include in the document:
i. The name of your story.
ii. The names of the Reporter/Writer and Videographer/Editor.
iii. A one-sentence anchor lead that encourages viewers to watch. (This should not be the same as the first thing said in your script.)
iv. One or two sentences describing how you experienced the process of creating your story.
D. Export a 1920×1080 image from your b-roll that best represents your story. Save the image as a .jpg named News-SUBJECT-NAMES.jpg using the same subject and names substitution as above.

Distribute Your Story

13. Once you have reviewed everything in your distribution folder, place a copy of the folder and all of its contents in the class Drop Box, then let the teacher know you have submitted your story.