Once you have recorded your reporter track, follow the steps below to complete the editing of your mini-documentary:


1. Import your recorded reporter track and follow your script to add it to your story edit timeline’s video track 1 and audio track 1.
2. Cover the reporter’s image in the voice-over sections by adding b-roll footage to video track 2 and audio track 2. Make sure your b-roll audio appears on track 2.
3. Select all of audio track 1, including the reporter and sound bites. Duplicate mono audio to both channels, then set gain peaks to zero.
4. Mix b-roll sound from audio track 2 so it can be heard but does not interfere with reporter and sound bites audio.

Add Lower-Third Titles

5. Import the lower-third title graphics you created for each person who appears in your story.

6. The first time someone appears in a sound bite in your story timeline, add the appropriate 3 to 5 second lower-third graphic on video track 2.  For the reporter, add their lower-third graphic over the stand-up at the story end, starting with “From James Logan High School.”

Get your edit approved and create a broadcast excerpt

7. Review your final edit with the teacher and make any necessary changes.

8. Once your full story edit time is complete, make a copy of the sequence and name the new sequence EXCERPT.

9. Edit the excerpt so you end up with a timeline that lasts from 45 to 60 seconds  that represents the best of your story.  Once you are satisfied you have created the best excerpt, make sure there is a lower-third title graphic the first time each person who speaks appears on camera.  Remember: the reporter’s graphic should only appear over the stand-up starting with “From James Logan High School.”