If you have ever seen something during a  television news program that really made an impact on you, you understand the power of good storytelling.

After successfully completing this project, you will have created a mini-documentary in the style of a TV news story, also known as a package.

This project is intended to show the audience a summary of an activity. These tutorials are used to create stories about events and organizations on the James Logan High School campus in Union City, California.  You may have to modify parts of the process for an activity you choose to document.

To create a TV news package, people are needed to fill two roles:  The reporter/writer and the videographer/editor.

While many news organizations are using one person to fill both roles, two people should be used while you are learning the process.  If you are producing your story for an organization, you need to get your topic approved in advance by “pitching” your story idea.  When you pitch you should briefly state what the story will be about and why you think it will be of interest to the intended audience.

Once you have a topic, you can start the process below:

Plan the Story

Record Interviews & B-Roll Footage

Set-up your edit
Choose Sound Bites
Refine Sound Bites
Start the Script
Write the Reporter Track
Record the Reporter Track
Create Lower-Third Titles
Complete the Edit
Distribute the Story