If you wish to submit music to be used in the countdown to the start of Logan Live!, follow the instructions in this tutorial.

Create a project folder and save everything related to your music countdown in this folder.  For this example the folder is named Logan Live Music.

Creating the Music

The music you create should be instrumental only.  You may not perform someone else’s song unless you have permission from the copyright holder and can provide proof.

It is best to use a program such as LMMS, Garage Band, FL Studio or another audio program that allows you to use loops to create music.  You must only use music samples for which you have permission.

The music you create needs to be exactly 7 minutes long.  It should have a definite ending since this will be the last thing the audience hears before Logan Live! starts.

Once you have created the music, export it as either a .wav file or an .mp3 file and save it in your project folder.

Editing the Video

From the Logan Live Countdown TEMPLATE folder download the following files into your project folder:

Open the Logan_Live_Countdown_TEMPLATE.prproj file using Adobe Premiere.

Use the File menu Save As option to save a copy of the TEMPLATE.  Replace TEMPLATE in the name of the copy with the name of the person who created the music you will be using. 

Click the [Save] button to save the project copy.

In your project folder you should now see the new project file, and a folder named Adobe Premiere Pro Audio Previews.  Do not change or place anything in the Previews folder.

In your new Premiere project, use the [Control+I] to import the music file you will be using.  (Either an .mp3 or a .wav file.)

In the timeline delete the replace-this-silence.mp3 file from the A1 audio track.

Drag your music file onto the A1 audio track. 

Make sure it starts at the beginning and does not end past the 7:00 mark.

Double-click the Music by NAME NEXT file.

Click after NAME and type the name of the person who created the music. 

When done, delete the NAME letters.  (If you delete NAME before typing you may end up changing the font.).

Make sure the year is the year the person will graduate JLHS.

Click the red dot to close the title graphic.  It should automatically update on the timeline.

Submitting the Video

Play the timeline to make sure everything looks and sounds correct.  When it does, click in the timeline, then press the [Command+M] keys to set-up exporting.

The Format should be H.264 and the Preset should be YouTube 1080pHD.

Click the Output Name and navigate to your project folder.  In the Save As field change it to Music by NAME.mp4 replacing NAME with the name of the person who created the music.  Click the [Save] button.

With the Output Name and folder set, click on the [Export] button.

When the exporting is complete, go to your project folder and open the .mp4 file with the Quicktime player. 

Play through the entire file.  If everything is correct, submit the file to
the Period 1 Drop Box.

Send an email message to the teacher with the subject: Logan Live Music  

Include in the body of the message: 
Your Name,
The Name of the Music Creator,
The Name of the .MP4 file submitted to the Period 1 Drop Box,
and the following statement:
I have submitted a video that contains music that I created, or I have received permission from the copyright holder, and the video may be used for public broadcast, including but not limited to Internet streaming.”