1 Project Start | Introduction | Get Topic Approved |
2 Pre-Production | Organize | Google Doc | Approval |
3 Production | Interviews
| B-Roll |
4 Post-Production | Organize | Sound Bites | Transcript |
Reporter Track | Complete the Script | Voice-Over | Stand-Up |
| Graphics | Final Edit |
5 Distribution | Excerpt and Promotion |

After the final edit of your mini-documentary has been approved by the teacher, it needs to be shared with the world.  Follow the steps below to distribute your project.  The written steps below are detailed in this distribution tutorial video:


Create a Distribution Folder

Within your Google Drive News project folder, create a new folder named News-TITLE-NAMES-Distribution, using the same substitution you have done previously.
For example: News-Education-Changes-Mr-Yacco-Pre-Production

Make a copy of the approved version of your news story edit and place it into your Distribution folder. Make sure the file is named correctly.  For example:


One way to get people to see your story is to include it in an episode of Logan Live, the student-produced newscast.  During a regular year, Logan Live appears most school days just before the start of second period.  Since the length of each show is limited, there is not enough time to show a complete mini-documentary.  However, there is time to introduce the audience to the story by showing an excerpt from it up to one minute in length.

To create an excerpt of your mini-documentary, open the approved final edit in WeVideo.

From the hamburger menu at the top-left corner, choose the Save as option.

Add EXCERPT to the name of this copy of your edit.

Watch through the timeline and find a section that you think is the most interesting.  The section you choose should be at least 30 seconds long but no longer than 60 seconds.

If you wish, you may combine different sections of the story.  If you do, DO NOT RE-EDIT the sections you choose.  Use them in the same order they appear in your original full-length story.

Once you have decided upon the excerpt, make sure the first time someone appears speaking on-camera that they are identified with a lower-third title graphic.

When you think everything is ready, follow the FINISH procedure to export your EXCERPT.  Save the excerpt in your Distribution folder and use this name format:
Use the same substitution you have done previously. For example: News-Education-Changes-Mr-Yacco-EXCERPT.mp4

Once the file has been exported, play it back all the way through.  If there are any errors, return to the project in WeVideo and correct them and export the new version.


In addition to the full-version of your story in the .mp4 format, and an excerpt in the .mp4 format; you need to create some items to help promote the viewership of your project.

Google Doc

Create a new Google Doc with the name News-TITLE-NAMES-Promotion, using the same substitution you have done previously.
For example: News-Education-Changes-Mr-Yacco-Promotion

Include in the document:
TITLE The name of your story.
ANCHOR LEAD-IN A one-sentence anchor lead that encourages viewers to watch. This should not be the same as the first thing said in your script. (You may want to refer to your Pre-Production document.)
YOUR EXPERIENCE One or two sentences describing how you experienced the process of creating your story.  Include what challenges you faced and how you overcame them; and what you enjoyed about the process and why.

Promotional Photo

Create a still frame from your b-roll that best represents what your story is about.

Distribute Your Story

Once you have reviewed everything in your distribution folder, send an email message to the teacher for it to be reviewed.  Once you have received approval for your distribution folder from the teacher, you may submit the link to it in Canvas