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Once you have rehearsed your Google Slides presentation and are sure the soundtrack and images are the best they can be, you are ready to turn it into a video.


Google Slides Recording

Open your script on a phone so you may refer to it while playing back your slides.

On your Chromebook, click on the time in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

Click on the Notifications settings.

Turn on Do not disturb to make sure notifications will not interfere with your slide show.

Drag off the bottom of your Chromebook screen and click on the Google Slides icon to open it.

Open your Google Slides news story project.

Use the volume key on the keyboard to turn the speaker volume up to its highest level.

Click the [ctrl+N] keys to open a new browser window.  Navigate to  the recordscreen.io website and click the RECORD button.

On the Record Screen window click the Screen Only option then click the START RECORDING button.

At the Share your screen window click Your Entire Screen then click the image under it. Click the Share button.The Recording in progress message should appear.

Use the [Alt+Tab} keys to return to Google Slides and click the Present button.

To preset the slide show playback press and hold the [right-arrow] key on your keyboard until you reach the blank slide at the end of your presentation.  (Ignore the soundtrack when it starts playing.)

Next, press and hold the [left-arrow] key on your keyboard until you reach the blank slide at the start of your presentation. (The soundtrack should stop playing.)

If any controls or the cursor appear on this first slide, wait until they disappear then press the spacebar.

Repeat the timing you practiced to switch slides according to your soundtrack and script. When the soundtrack stops playing press the spacebar to show the last blank slide. Then, press the [esc] key to stop the presentation.

Use the [Alt+Tab} keys to return to the recordscreen.io window and click the STOP RECORDING button.

When the processing is done click the DOWNLOAD VIDEO button.

Navigate to your project folder.  Name the file News-TITLE-NAME.webm substituting one or two words for TITLE and your name for NAME.  Make sure the file name ends with .webm as in this example:

When the name is correct press the Save button.

Navigate to your project folder and find the .webm file you just created.
Double-click the file to play it.

If the soundtrack and slides are not synchronized correctly, repeat the recording process and correct any errors.  When the playback of your recording is correct, proceed to the next step.


Submit Your Project

The original plan for this project was to have you edit the recording of your video so it starts just before the first slide and ends right after your soundtrack stops. However, testing the project steps on a Chromebook has shown that the planned editing procedures are unreliable.

Instead of you editing your video, open your project folder and select your soundtrack.mp3 file by clicking on the icon to the left of the name until it changes to an circle with a check mark.

Press the [ctrl+C] keys to copy the file, then press the [ctrl+V] keys to paste a copy.  The copy should be named soundtrack (1).mp3

Select the copy of the file and press the [ctrl+enter] keys to rename the file.

Change the file name to news-TITLE-NAME.mp3 substituting one or two words for TITLE and your name for NAME.  Make sure the file name ends with .mp3 as in this example:

When you are done typing the new name, press the [enter] key.

Place copies of this .mp3 file and your .webm file in the class
Google Drive Drop Box.

Send an email message to the teacher with the subject NEWS FILES.  In the body of the message type your first and last name, and your class period.

Although this news project has been modified from the one you would have completed with a partner using a video camera, many of the things you accomplished are very similar.  Congratulations on learning the basics of creating a mini-documentary!