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The first time a person speaks a sound bite in the final edit of your story they need to be identified.  A lower-third title graphic is the most common way of identifying people in documentaries and news stories.  It gets its name from its position:  the lower-third of the screen.

To create your title graphics open the Pixlr lower-third template link. Click the Download button

Save the file in your project’s images folder.

Use your Chrome web browser to navigate to Pixlr.com then click on the ADVANCED PIXLR E button.

Click on the OPEN IMAGE button.

Navigate to the images folder in your Google Drive Project Folder.  Select the Pixlr lower-third template then click the OPEN button.

Refer to your script and find the name of the first person who appears in your story. Select the Arrange tool.

Double-click on the NAME field and type the first and last name of the person.

When you are done, click on a blank area of the screen, then double-click on the TITLE field.

Type the person’s title.  For a student this is their graduating class. (i.e. Class of 2022).  For a teacher should be the class they teach.  For family members it should be their relationship. (father, grandmother, sister, etc.)

When you are done, click on a blank area of the screen.

If everything is correct, open the File menu and choose the Save option

For the File name use one or two words . Set the File type to PNG. When everything is correct click the DOWNLOAD button.

Navigate to your Project’s images folder and make sure the name is correct and it ends with .png.  If you have another .png image with the same name, add a number before the .png to make this one different.  When everything is correct, click the SAVE button.

Repeat the process for each person mentioned in your script. For the reporter graphic, use your name and graduating class.  You will need all of your lower-third title graphics when you complete the edit of your story.

(If you keep Pixlr.com open, instead of re-opening the template you may save time by making changes to the graphic that is open, then save it as a png file with the new name.)