1 Project Start | Introduction | Get Topic Approved |
2 Pre-Production | Organize | Google Doc | Approval |
3 Production | Interviews
| B-Roll |
4 Post-Production | Organize | Sound Bites | Transcript |
Reporter Track | Complete the Script | Voice-Over | Stand-Up |
| Graphics | Final Edit |
5 Distribution | Excerpt and Promotion |


If you have ever seen something in a documentary film or during a  television news program that really made an impact, you understand the power of good storytelling.

After successfully completing this project, you will have created a mini-documentary in the style of a TV news story, also known as a package.

To create a typical TV news package, people are needed to fill two roles:  The reporter/writer and the videographer/editor.   For this modified project, you will be working alone.

You may choose from three different story topics:

  1. Your family’s daily routine during the current shelter-in-place, and how it differs from your routine before the current crisis.
    1. This will require interviewing people with whom you are living.
    2. You may not be one of the interview subjects.
  2. A story of your family’s history as told from previous generations.  This will require an interview with one or more people in these generations:
    1. Your Grandparents or Great Aunts and Great Uncles.
    2. Your Parents/Guardians or Aunts and Uncles.
  3. A story of how your education has changed.
    1. This will require an interview with one or more teachers of your other classes.
    2. It may also include interviews with your fellow students in those classes.


Step 1 – Get Your Topic Approved

To get your story topic approved, check with the people you would like to include in your story to see if they will be available for an interview.  You will not be required to share your story to anyone not in our class period, but if your interview subjects are willing, it is a good option to have.

When you decided upon your topic send an email to the teacher that includes the following:

  1. Subject: Mini-Doc Pitch.
  2. Message Body
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Your class period
    3. The type of story you plan to produce: (one of the following)
      1. Family Shelter-in-Place
      2. Family History
      3. Education Changes

Once you have a topic, you may start the pre-production assignment.