To help you master multimedia, this site lets you learn by acquiring and applying knowledge during the completion of a project.

Mini Documentary
After successfully completing this project, you will have created a mini-documentary in the style of a TV news story, also known as a package.

Multi-Camera Broadcasting
While the tutorials in this section are specific to a live high school broadcast using a NewTek TriCaster, many of the concepts apply to productions using other equipment combinations.

Online Portfolio Project
One way for you to stand out from the people with whom you are competing for scholarships or a job is to create a portfolio that summarizes your skills and shows samples of what you have accomplished.  After completing this project you will have a website that can help get your future off to a great start.

Spot Announcement
Depending upon what you choose for this project (or have been assigned) you will produce a PSA (public service announcement) that incorporates live action footage OR features motion graphics